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Payment Disclaimer

Our platform requires recurring payments from its Members, depending on the plan that the Member has signed up for. A 30-day free trial is available, however, the user will be asked to sign up for membership, provide personal information such as name, contact information, and payment details. Before paying, you are given the opportunity to review your fees. Completing the payment process means you accept the fees that you will be charged. Fees may vary according to different plans, with different pricing schemes for individuals and organizations.

  • Pricing. We reserve the right to determine the pricing for each of our plans. We will perform reasonable efforts to keep our pricing information up-to-date. Please check out our pricing page for more details. We may change the fees of our plans but advanced notices will be provided to you as our Member. 
  • Authorization. You authorize Rinvigo to charge you based on the plan you sign up for, according to its payment policy, using the specified payment method in your account. If you pay via credit card, Rinvigo may ask for pre-authorization of your credit card prior to your purchase to verify the validity of your credit card and that necessary funds are available to cover your purchase. 

For the full terms and conditions regarding payments and other transactions, you may also review our terms and conditions page here.

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